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Stop letting Shampoo and Shaving Cream steal your time!


Bathroom supplies delivered straight to your door.  Cut out all the boring and time-consuming trips to the shops.

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The Bathroom Box

Get the bathroom essentials sent straight to your door. No wandering, no searching, no wasting your precious time.

Just an easy, contactless delivery to your home, and you’ll have all the products you need to stay healthy, happy and handsome.

Plus, get access to top-quality products to keep you looking good, and feeling confident.

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On your days off, do you WANT to spend a chunk of that precious time down at the shops? 

Wandering through the dreary isles, only to waste your time picking what shampoo or soap to use next?

That's where The Bathroom Box comes in...


Try this out instead. 


You wake up one morning, today is your day off.

You get up and start your day, you read, or exercise or simply take it easy. It’s a fantastic day outside. You're kicking back, relaxing, when the doorbell rings. Left on the step is a white box.

You open it up and see a bottle of shampoo, some hand soap, body wash and shaving cream. 

The bathroom essentials delivered straight to your door. No need to stress about a trip to the shops, or about exactly what to buy.

Now you can go about your day in peace, no need to waste your time.


Finish the job!

Keep fully stocked on all the essentials. So you never have to go about your day only half clean.

Never run out of soap or shampoo halfway through a shower again!

Ensure you have a steady supply of the most important bathroom products all the time. Don’t leave the job half done.

Don’t lose your most valuable asset!

If you waste even 1 hour per week driving to the shops, staring at the soap, in 1 year you’ll waste more than 2 days.

That's 2 whole days looking at shampoo!

Spend 5 minutes, 1 time in your life securing your cleanliness with us. And save yourself days upon days of wasted time.

Stay handsome & stay healthy!

Get a Win-Win!

Ensure you have the bathroom supplies you need to keep on looking good, and feeling great.

With doorstep-delivery of top quality products, you’ll be able to keep up your good looks, and go about your day KNOWING that you look fantastic.

Get the best products delivered to your door AND get them cheaper than in stores.

Get your bathroom essentials delivered to your door, keep yourself looking and feeling good, AND it’ll cost you less than buying from the store. So actually more of a win-win-WIN.

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The opportunity to gives us your thoughts on the design and presentation of the BB.

 Make the BB is the exact tool you need to make your day easier.

Hints to the final release date.


Plus, find out how you can get your BB before anyone else.

Insider information. Be part of the team!

Including pricing, milestone updates as well as stats and specifications.

Currently, the Bathroom Box is undergoing lots of tests and tweaks, to make sure you get top quality products, in the most efficient way possible.

If you want to make your life a bit easier and a bit cleaner...

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By signing up you begin a process that commits you to a life where you prioritise your time and your health. You will give yourself more time to spend as you want, and to remove the boring parts of your day.

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